Digital Signatures

We have advised many large corporations on the challenges of deploying digital signature solutions. We can help you overcome the challenges of incorporating digital signature solutions that comply with the 1999 EU Signature Directive and help you with ISO 32000-1.

Even if your requirements are more modest, and you simply wish to dispense with paper- based signature solutions, it’s not a problem. We can help you develop PDF based digital signature solutions that satisfy long- term validation requirements, specifically, where archival and time-stamping requirements are mandatory.

Based on our involvement and experience with the numerous software vendors, we are well placed to recommend a viable electronic signature solution that fits your business.

We can help you understand the new PDF features defined in PAdES parts 1 to 5. With our help, we can define the correct digital certificate standard to fit your organization, should you require PAdES LTV or maybe a different bespoke version of CAdES and XAdES.

We can guide you through the legal ramifications of digital signature law as it pertains to European Union (EU) standards. We can also advise BioPharma associations on how to incorporate digital signatures that are SAFE-BioPharma compliant and satisfy business and regulatory transactions.

Creating digital certificate solutions that are underpinned by fully compliant ISO PKI designs is where we excel. Incorporating tactical or strategic PKI solutions to support your growing digital signature requirements is exactly where we can help.