PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is the cornerstone of our business and its what we have been doing for over fifteen years.

When advising businesses on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) we find the biggest challenge is learning how the business works and getting a solution to fit the business that the users understand. A lot of solution providers start talking about the technology as soon as they walk in the door. That’s not how we work. Our approach is getting to understand your business first.

When it comes to PKI we are vendor neutral, a selection of our vendors range from Windows Server Certificate Services, RSA KEON, Unicert, Entrust,Open Source and much more.

Building a certificate hierarchy is dependent on which particular security policies are required for your organization. Also, you have to consider your geographical and administrative requirements. The legal requirements of different countries may also play a part in your policies.

Questions therefore, regarding a single CA, Subordinate CA, Cross-Certification, Bridge CAs and the number of tiers in a CA hierarchy - and much more. All of this has to be developed by the appropriate stakeholders and technology staff in any given business - this is what we can help you with.

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