Smartcard Deployments

Sometimes, we have to remind our customers that most of the smart cards used in the world are used with GSM phones and payment systems. PC or web based applications need middleware and smart card readers. This means developing smart card profiles based on the PKCS#15 standard.

The major smart card vendors: Gemalto, HID Global, G&D, Sagem, Schlumberger - to name a few - have their own smart card profiles and it is easy to get locked into a vendor’s proprietary hardware and software.
SafeCipher is hardware vendor neutral and can help customers develop in partial informed decisions about the best solution for their business.

Additionally, customers need help when making choices about smart card middleware. Middleware needs to support the full range of smart card readers (including those with integrated PIN pads) and biometric features.

We can work with you to ensure that the middleware meets your current and future requirements, this includes interoperability and compliance.
We can help you develop your smart card lifecycle: user/card enrollment, card personalization, card issuance, PIN change, PIN unblock, card revocation, card initialization and much more.

Our experience extends to the delivery of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) solutions, coupled with the MyID identity and credential management system; we have also taken advantage of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) and its interaction with the MYID product.

Your requirements may extend to: International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and PIV FIPS 201 compliance.
There are, of course, many products out there and we can guide you in making the correct choice for your business, so contact us for an informal chat.