We have successfully deployed Thales HSMs in many different installations. Specifically, we have installed and configured the range of nShield HSMs to provide the crypto security for our PKI designs and installations.

We have built complex load - balanced deployments of the nSheild HSM range. Our experience extends to developing nSheild (nCipher) Security Worlds tailored to each business requirement; this means developing K of N Administrator and Operator card sets that closely match the optimum administrative model for each business.

Our expertise with these products also extends to configuring the correct FIPS level and the correct cypher suite for each PKI design; we also have a very good understanding of the best way to license these products for individual business needs.

Because we have worked closely with Thales and understand their products and pricing, we are the ideal partners to act as intermediaries between your business and Thales. Contact us for more details.

Alternatively, if you need help with payment system security, we have an excellent understanding of the payShield Family of Payment HSMs and can help with your configuration and upgrade projects.

We have an excellent understanding of the ISO: 9564, 10118, 11568, 13491, 16609 standards and can provide the help you need when working with these products.